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Hot take: 'Transphobic police' used way too many bullets to take down Covenant shooter Audrey Hale

Sarah D.

We haven't seen a whole lot lately about the Covenant School shooting in which alleged trans man Audrey Hale murdered three children and three school staff members in cold blood before being taken down by police.

But apparently the autopsy report for Hale's body was recently released, and this "Non-State-Affiliated Agenda-Free News Media [outlet] with a focus on combating terrorism" got a look at it and decided to put their own special spin on what went down.

Check this out:

Notice anything, um, interesting about that tweet?

It doesn't appear to be a parody account. At least not an intentional one.

"Transphobic police officers." And the evidence that they were transphobic is ... what, exactly? That they shot and killed a trans man who had just killed six innocent people? Should they have let Audrey Hale keep killing people just so they couldn't be accused of transphobia?

What a stupid, stupid, stupid take. Although, to be fair, it's not entirely unexpected ...

Looks like you called it right, Steeze.

That "transphobic police" business is just one of the things that's wrong with the @Terror_Alarm tweet. What the tweet also seems to be suggesting is that there's something wrong with police using almost 30 bullets to take down a coldblooded killer.

Yeah, we're failing to see a problem with what happened. Generally speaking, when trying to take down a murderer and prevent that murderer from murdering even more people, it's a good idea to make sure said murderer can't just get up and go back to murdering. Audrey Hale effectively lost the right to life when she forcibly took it from six innocent people. We'd be lying if we said we were sorry that Audrey Hale took a bunch of bullets.

You can never be too sure, you know.

Total garbage tweet.


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