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CNN political correspondent fact-checks the ridiculous notion that Biden's DOJ has been targeting Trump

All right, guys. I've got some major breaking news for you: I'm not exactly a huge fan of Donald Trump.

I know, I know ... you're shocked. But once you pick yourselves up off the floor and splash some water on your faces, you might also be somewhat shocked to learn that my loathing of Trump doesn't preclude me from being able to recognize when he's being treated unfairly.

And, like you, I've sat here for the past few years and watched the Biden administration relentlessly and unabashedly use the Department of Justice as a weapon against Trump, lobbing whatever they can at him even when all they have is the weakest of weak sauce. So, like you, I can't help but roll my eyes into the back of my head at the idea that Biden's DOJ hasn't devoted most of their time and energy to taking down Donald Trump.

And yet, in a "fact-check" segment yesterday, CNN political correspondent Sara Murray actually told anchor Jake Tapper with a straight face that Biden's DOJ definitely isn't targeting Trump.


OK, so here's the thing: based on the nature of the allegations in the second indictment against Trump that was unsealed late last week, there's actually a pretty solid case to be made against the former president for gross misconduct and violation of protocol regarding the handling of classified materials. The problem is that up until that indictment, it was pretty obvious that Democrats and Biden's DOJ had been gunning hard for Trump, trying to make a federal case out of stuff that rested on much shakier ground than the ground the latest indictment is sitting on. Donald Trump is often regarded as his own worst enemy, but Biden's DOJ has somehow managed to give him a run for his money in the self-sabotage department. They spent the past several years undermining their credibility, and now they're expecting us to take them seriously?

We know it, too.

Of course they do. And despite being proven wrong over and over again, they just keep doing it over and over again.

You don't have to be a Trump cheerleader to see that he's got a point when he accuses the DOJ of having some kind of personal vendetta against him.

CNN desperately needs to start fact-checking themselves. Otherwise, we really have no choice but to not take them seriously as a news organization.


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