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CNN reports that Daniel Penny has been indicted

CNN has the story:

The article doesn’t tell you much beyond the headline. They are being told that Daniel Penny is officially indicted for second-degree manslaughter. That means that the government would have to prove that he recklessly caused the death of Jordan Neely. It does not require any intentional conduct.

It’s not officially verified that he has been indicted at all—it’s just sources telling them. But experience says this is very likely to be the truth.

Although we would like to note one thing: We are not sure the correct term is truly ‘chokehold.’ The question of whether or not Penny was restricting any bloodflow or oxygen to Jordan Neely is one that is likely to be decided at trial, and we will reserve judgment on even that issue—and whether he caused Neely’s death at all. Therefore, this author only uses the term "neck restraint."

Still, it is clear that he is going to need a legal defense and we will link again to his fundraiser:

Naturally, reactions were divided:

In most states, grand juries are not obligated to consider self-defense or defense of others. It's one of the deep flaws in the grand jury system because a person could be very clearly acting in self-defense, and still be indicted.

Except the law literally says that not all killing is wrong or illegal, even in New York State. We previously discussed the law here.

Someone said he only needs one juror to be a subway rider and he will be set free. We forgot who said it, but we suspect they were right.

So much for the presumption of innocence.

If New York is prosecuting a man for defending himself or others, then good people need to stay out of that jurisdiction.

Why do so many liberals think prejudice is appropriate?

Except the video doesn’t show what happened before Penny restrained Neely.

Cry more.

Thanks for saying … pretty much nothing. Why even Tweet if you have nothing to say?

Because an indictment means he is guilty?

Indeed, we will leave with this thought:

Certainly, one should never make the mistake of thinking a person is guilty just because they have been indicted. The standard for an indictment is low in theory and practically nonexistent in fact.


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