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If Trump had a (D) by his name, there would be NO INDICTMENTS (c'mon, we all know it's true)

AP Photo/Kevin Lamarque, Pool, File

I don't know about you guys, but watching President Trump be arrested over boxes of documents, some found in his bathroom, is just too surreal. Especially since we all know where Hillary Clinton allegedly (cough, cough) kept her super-secret server filled with all sorts of super-secret classified documents.

In the bathroom. 

But, hey, it's ok for Hillary to do that because she's Hillary.

She's a Democrat. 

Yeah, yeah, we're not supposed to compare the two because, for whatever reason, WE'RE expected to be the adults and shake our fingers at Trump for "making this too easy" for Biden to target him or whatever. I'm tired of being the grownup when everyone on the other side is for some reason allowed to act like corrupt, unhinged, obnoxious hyenas with zero consequences.

Nothing sticks to those people.


We've been hearing TICK TOCK for years and years about Hillary FINALLY being held accountable, and nothing ever comes of it. 

Then they arrest Trump. Look, I don't care if you like the guy or not but the reality of what we're seeing happening to him is just another reminder that justice is not blind in our country anymore and that there are two different tiers when it comes to obeying the law. I mean, really, look at Hillary mocking Republicans ... 

Tom Elliott with a reminder of the things that were apparently A-OK for Hillary to do:

Removed classified markings. Gosh, that seems pretty damn damning... and oh, YEAH, her server got hacked.

But Trump.

And let's not forget ol' Sleepy Joe and Hunter.

They removed recordings. Are you kidding me?!

See what I mean? From the very beginning, since Trump beat Hillary (and beat her he did), since he beat the Democrats, we have been witnessing a witch hunt. One way or another, they were going to get Trump. They made that obvious throughout the years of his term with multiple impeachments and now multiple indictments. Scary stuff. Democrats are proving how far they are willing to go to get rid of him ...  and frankly, to get rid of anyone willing to stand up to them or in their way.

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Especially when our conservative voices have never been needed more.

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