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Starbucks Workers United's thread WHINING about Starbucks removing Pride decor accidentally hilarious

AP Photo/Robin Rayne

Sounds like Starbucks has decided as a company they would like to stay in business. Crazy, right? Guess corporations are finally figuring out that Americans are tired of being lectured about who other people have sex with and would rather not see a bunch of nonsense pride crap all over the place when they're shopping, eating, etc.

At this point, being gay has really just become part of who someone is. We don't need to CELEBRATE who some people have sex with.


Welp, Starbucks Workers United (which we assume is a group of sad baristas who hate their dads, write angry poetry about THE MAN, and are trying to unionize) is so outraged over the fact Starbucks doesn't want to go out of business that they wrote a thread on Twitter.

Take a look:




An annual tradition people were willing to tolerate until children became targets.

Hey, don't like it, take it up with the TQ part of the community.

Too bad so sad.

Starbucks is also powered by many straight workers, who never get a month to celebrate who they have sex with.

Get. Over. It.

Blah blah blah blah blah.

What, they're going to sue Starbucks for taking down rainbow decorations?

Give us a break.



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