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The UN is getting in on the 'disinformation' grift

By now it's pretty clear what "disinformation" is — it's information that's inconvenient for the Democrats for you to know. It's an attempt to censor speech and control thought. How many "conspiracy theories" have come true? Remember when the Washington Post blasted Sen. Tom Cotton for floating the "debunked" conspiracy theory that the coronavirus might have originated in a lab in Wuhan? Remember when the Russians planted Hunter Biden's laptop in a computer repair shop?

We all know the United Nations is useless and the building should be turned into condos (or the mayor could put illegal immigrants in there). The UN is getting into the disinformation game, calling it a clear and present threat to the Global Goals. Hey, who here signed up to be governed by the "Global Goals"?

Look, they even made up a chart:

"Clear and present threat."

We already sent our short-lived Minister of Information packing, so take a hike, UN.

So is it disinformation or hate speech to call Rachel Levine and Lia Thomas men?

Whichever Republican candidate promises to kick the UN out of U.S. soil has our vote. Seriously, what good does it do anyone in America?


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