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Tucker on Twitter, Episode 3: The Trump indictment and Trump’s sycophants


Well, we are up to Episode 3 of the new Tucker Carlson show ‘Tucker on Twitter.’

Let’s start by posting the video and then we will share thoughts:

First off, the episode aired later today, at 6:30 p.m., when previously they appeared at 6:00 p.m., sharp. We don’t know if he just ran late or if he prefers this time, or what. 

The focus of the episode is his belief that Trump was inevitably going to be indicted for something because he opposed, more or less the military-industrial complex. That’s what he said, take it for what you will.

We also thought it was interesting that Tucker argued that some of Trump’s worst enemies are his most obsequious sycophants, that they were always essentially traitors to his agenda in waiting. The interesting question is this. We feel nearly 100% confident that Trump will watch this. We would be genuinely shocked if he didn’t. What will he think of this? Certainly, Trump has to be distressed that so many people who were once on his side have turned against him, but will he suddenly start to wonder about anyone who has been sucking up to him lately? Only time will tell.

Still, even the fact that the show is airing at all is news. Carlson has been repeatedly told to stop by Fox News (see here and here) and the reason why is obvious: He can reach many more millions of people than his Fox News show ever did. For instance, the last time an episode of Tucker on Twitter aired (last Thursday), we wrote:

As of this writing, [the second episode] has over nearly two million views. By comparison, the first episode had over 100 million views. We expect this one to have at least tens of millions of views, probably over 50 million views. On the other hand, the first episode of anything is likely to get more views than the second.

Well, we went back and checked, and as of this writing, the second episode has a little more than 56 million views so … our analysis aged well. We suspect this episode will tick a little higher just because he is talking about the second Trump indictment, and that is big news. But we suspect that it won’t beat the over 115 million views the first received—at least not that quickly. The first episode of anything that got sufficient publicity is likely to be the highest rated episode for a while.

So, one way that this is news is that it might signal the beginning of the end of traditional news outlets. We are old enough to have watched CNN come into the spotlight (particularly during the Gulf War), and to have watched Fox News supplant it. But Carlson might start a new paradigm for consuming news—essentially the same show, but via Twitter. The production values are not quite as good so far, but with that many viewers, money is likely to follow. And with money comes better production values, more days of the week, etc.

Also, Fox News has lost a great deal of credibility among conservatives in this process and that’s the second way it is news. Will it get to a point where Fox News actually goes under? What will the media landscape look like if it does? Or will it limp along just because as imperfect as it is, it is better than the alternatives? Will other conservative outlets make headway into the vacuum? And how much will Fox News continue to lose fighting Carlson? We think they will lose many viewers if they try to force Tucker off the air and even more if they succeed even temporarily.

Anyway, as of this writing, this episode has around two million views.

A few responses:

We have our popcorn ready.

We wonder if Bruesewitz felt at all uncomfortable when Carlson discussed how Trump’s enemies often sucked up to Trump.

Yes, it is obvious now that Carlson was holding some things back at Fox News and is now able to be unfiltered. And we are here for it, even if we don't always agree.

Since the most recent cease-and-desist. There has been more than one.

Actually, we read his monologue as sounding closer to an endorsement of Trump. But Carlson isn’t a sycophant, so he acknowledges Trump’s flaws, too.

Maybe. Maybe the moment Carlson was fired, Fox News suffered a mortal blow. It might limp on for a bit, but maybe it will eventually collapse. Who knows? But we will stay tuned.

In any case, if past behavior is any guide, we expect the next episode on Thursday. We can’t be sure on the time, but we doubt it would be more than half an hour earlier or later. Whatever happens with Tucker on Twitter, we will be sure to cover it. So if you enjoy our coverage or just find it useful, please consider helping this website any way you can.


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